Never go to work again
Sometimes we get a chance to do things a little differently.

We're building something new. It isn't easy and isn't for the faint hearted but if you love what you do, it makes all the difference.
"You can hold a ballet and that can be successful and you can hold a rock concert and that can be successful. Just don't hold a ballet and advertise it as a rock concert. You need to be clear with all of your stakeholders and then people get to self-select in."

- Warren Buffet
The Hike Code
Our values are at the core of how we do things at Hike. It defines how we work, think and innovate. We're driven by a set of 8 core values. This is us.
Top Talent in Every Role
We look for people with an incredible intellect. Both skills and values are important to us.
Pro-Sports Team
Strengths based, results driven with a "team-first" attitude. We operate like a professional sports teams.
Customer at the Centre
Everything we do is inspired by how can we better solve for our customer. It's our job to invent on their behalf.
Constant Innovation
It's our DNA to walk into the unknown in search of new insights that can have meaningful impact.
Act Like Owners
We own the output of what we do, even if it's explicitly not our job. We empower to lead.
Thoughtful Decision Making
Clear Mind + Obsession to Simplify + Data Driven. We strive to be incredibly thoughtful.
Bias for Action
We understand that success is not one big leap but tiny gains compounding over time #ABH.
Open Minded & Coachable
We're in 'Permanent Beta' and have a quest to continuously #RiseUp to be the best version of ourselves.
Our Teams
Magic comes when you're working at the intersection of multiple areas of expertise. Here are some of areas that we focus on.
Data and gut, both are important when our Product teams are building for the customer.
Our engineering teams are constantly pushing the boundaries on what's possible through technology
Art is an incredibly important part of what we do. It is the romantic to the scientific.
How does technology wrap itself around people? We're working on things with NLP, Computer Vision & More
Our design team creates delightful experiences that users love.
Great stories aren't just told, they're also passed on. That's what our marketing team strives to do.
The Interview Loop
Our interview loops are 21 days— from start to finish.
Here's what they entail
Apply to one of the open positions. We're quick and usually move within 24 hours of receiving a relevant application.
Shortlisting & Telephonic Screening
Next, we shortlist profiles based by matching our roles to your relevant experience. If your profile is shortlisted, you'll hear back from us very soon with a telephone round scheduled.
On-site including Simulation
Next up, we bring you to our HQ. Here you'll have one simulation round followed by a five rounds of interviews. This includes a culture round based on the Hike Code.
Offer Roll-out & Acceptance Process
Our offer process is quick. We usually close this part within 7 days of the on-site interviews.
Our HQ
We're in Aerocity, New Delhi in a beautiful environment.
You'd never want to miss a day
Job Openings
Excited to work here?
Here's a list of who we're looking for.
We hope you find a match.