1. This offer is open to users downloading the hike messenger (“hike”) of Hike Limited (“the Company”) for a limited period from May 07, 2013, 00:00 IST till the 50th Billionth App gets officially downloaded on the AppStore. Users who first downloaded hike at any time prior to May 07, 2013, 00:00 IST are not eligible for this offer.


2. The winner of the offer will be the one lucky winner whose name is publicly announced by Apple Inc. for downloading the 50 Billionth App from the App Store of Apple Inc., provided (i) the winner and the app downloaded are announced publicly and (ii) the publicly announced app downloaded is the hike app. However, the Company specifically disclaims any association with Apple Inc. in connection with this offer and this offer does not imply endorsement of this offer by Apple Inc. If the winner of the offer was invited by some other hike user through SMS invites, the prize will be split equally between both the winner and the hike user who referred him/her. If multiple users invited the winner, the referring user is the hike user who most recently invited the winner before he joined. If the winner joined hike directly without being invited by anyone, he/she will win the entire prize.

3. The winner agrees to allow the Company to use his or her name, photograph, likeness, voice, prize information and any other information which is publicly available or made available by the winner under the offer in relation to the winner for publicity and promotional purposes without further compensation where permitted by applicable law.

The Prize

4. The prize comprises of Apple Inc. products/merchandises worth US$100,000, which will be given by the Company to the winner, subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

5. No substitution will be given nor any exchange or redemption for an equivalent cash amount or in any other form shall be allowed under any circumstances.

6. The Company is neither responsible nor guarantees the quality of the goods/services being offered as prize nor is liable for any defect or deficiency of goods or services so obtained/availed, by the subscribers under this offer.

7. The prize under the offer is neither assignable nor transferable under any circumstances.

8. The prize shall be subject to such other terms and conditions as may be applicable to specific prize and shall have to be duly complied with by the winner.

9. The prize to the winner shall be given subject to compliance with all applicable statutory legislations/ processes /formalities in connection with the prize and on production all such documents/papers as required by the Company before accepting the delivery of the prize. Any failure on the part of the winner to comply with directions issued by hike for claim of prize shall entitle hike to forfeit the prize.

10. Prize mentioned in this offer depend on stock availability. In case a make/model/brand is not available, any prize of equivalent value may be given.

11. All incidental costs/taxes/levies related to the prize shall be exclusively borne by the subscriber.

General Terms

12. This offer is being made purely on a œbest effort basis and participation of eligible subscribers is voluntary.

13. The subscription of hike is available without this offer also.

14. This offer shall also be bound by the terms of service for using the hike messenger application [] as amended from time to time.

15. The decision of the Company in respect of all transactions under this offer shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.

16. This offer is exclusive to any other offer run by the Company and is non-transferable.

17. The Company reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this offer or any part thereof at its sole discretion at anytime during it’s validity as may be required in view of business exigencies and/or changes by regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and shall be binding on the participant.

18. The employees of the Company and its group companies, affiliate or associate companies shall not be eligible for this offer.

19. Decision of the Company regarding all transactions under this offer shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.

20. Participation in this offer shall be treated as unconditional acceptance by the participant to all the applicable terms and conditions.

21. All services including the offer shall be availed by users in compliance with applicable laws and Hike reserves the right to withdraw its services including this offer to any user, who violates any law, violates these terms and conditions or attempts to commit any fraud in relation to the offer. The company’s decision will be final and binding in relation to violation of laws, terms, and any fraudulent activities. Fraudulent activities include, but are not limited to, trying to win by installing and activating the app multiple times on the same mobile number or device.

Applicable Law

22. This offer is subject to applicable law including guidelines/directions issued by any relevant statutory authority from time to time.

23. These terms and conditions are governed by Indian Laws. In the event of any disputes the same shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi courts.

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