We’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts particularly in Germany about hike and 128-bit SSL encryption. We believe this stemmed from a response we gave on a support ticket asking about SSL encryption. As follows is a conversation between the hike team and a user:

As we’ve mentioned in the ticket ‘We would be using 128-bit SSL encryption’ to our messages. 128-bit SSL encryption is coming to hike by year end.

As a matter of fact, its one of the top features we are working on at the moment.

We’ve also just received our Exporter Registration Number (ERN). An ERN is a number that is given by the US government to allow a company to use encryption to deliver its service. Why is a US approval needed? Because the platforms that our apps are available on are owned and controlled by US entities (Apple etc). To know more about the ERN process, click here.

At this point in time, hike does not encrypt its messages with 128-bit encryption. Like any other application that uses data over mobile networks, hike relies on encryption provided by networks operators.

We take security very seriously and we guarantee you that we’re putting a lot of effort to ensure that hike keeps evolving on all parameters, especially security.

We assure you that 128-bit SSL encryption is coming to hike by end of this calendar year.

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  • Vinod Ponmanadiyil

    Do you keep the messages unencrypted on your servers?
    Will you be able to decrypt the messages without user consent ?

    Btw, love Hike!

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Vinod,

      At this point we don’t store messages on our servers.

      Thanks for your support. Feel free to reach out to us at:

  • hike

    Thanks! We don’t store any messages on our system unless explicitly required by law.

  • Torsten Meyer

    What about this post in Google Play Store (

    “You give them full rights to use and reproduce anything you post/say/show/take-photos-of-and-send for royalty-free usage on anything they want to do with it. (Promotions, send to potential partners/mergers, analysis/research, advertisements, testamonials, videos.) They have the right to do this with all the messages (including the SMS’es it sends), pictures, your mobile number, your device ID etc, and your IP.”


    Greetings from Germany :)


    • Shait

      I dont know what you wanna tell us. I checked the rights with whatsapp and guess what. All rights from hike are the same as whatsapp. Not just that, whatsapp even has much more rights. So what are you trying to tell us?

      • Paritosh Sharma

        Hi Shait,

        Thanks for reaching out and we appreciate how you have taken time to go through details and consider us at par the ecosystem.

        All that we are simply trying to convey is that, security is a top priority for us and we will keep evolving.

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Torsten,

      Thanks for reaching out and we love when users pay so much attention to detail. It ensures that we crete nothing but the best!

      We may have to store information such as but not limited to time stamp if required by the law. Our servers are located in India and your Personal Information may be available to the Indian government or its agencies under a lawful order made in that country, irrespective of the safeguards we have put in place for the protection of your Personal Information.

      We fully respect users privacy and are always trying to ensure that we can do the best to provide our users a safe and secure service without having to worry. You’ll see our Privacy Policy adapt from time to time to better reflect this.

      • Torsten Meyer

        Thank you for explaining. I’m now looking forward to the release in Germany.

  • tmb

    as first this dont care becouse germany is still waiting for hike over 10days now. useless topic inform the people about release time no one in germany could till now test your promised app. germany see maybe only smalltalk about a new app but nothing to test.

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi tmb,

      Thanks for reaching out and your candid comments. Trust us, its harder for us to be not with you. As we are waiting for the approval, we are ensuring that we genuinely listen to you and build a great messaging platform.

      It won’t take us long now. hike will be Santa’s gift this Christmas :)

  • Torsten Meyer

    This doesn’t answer the question. I suppose hike is (or will be) the same app for any country…?

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Torsten,

      hike will be the same app across all geographies :)

  • Shait

    why not release in germany for android? its been too long you promised us…its been too long

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Shait,

      Love your energy and trust us, its much harder for us to not be with you. We are made to be just that!

      It won’t be long before you have the awesome @hikeapp with you!! Thanks for all the patience and love!

  • meh

    Idea for better privacy:
    Only save and compare MD-5-hashed phone numbers.

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Thanks for the idea Meh. Your input appreciated :)

  • Sandra Hoffmann

    Why is hike not compatible with my HTC Sensation (Android 4.0.3)?

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Sandra,

      hike won’t be available in your part of the world and hence it says in-compatible. We are launching soon.

  • David Hamm

    hey guys, you need to hurry up with security für your app. hike is not in good review on google plus. i like hike very much and i would be even happier if the hike team would implement less the same functionality like whatsapp, but you need to implement ssl encryption better yesterday, than today.germany was waiting for hike becouse of security and now it comes out that hike is not securer than whatsapp. so please guys implement it first and than implement further features. i have some friends who are not sure if they should use hike, but they would if hike is securer and better than whatsapp.

  • Steinie

    I heard that messages are stored and can be reached via

    or ?????

  • shashikant

    how would i know that someone is on hike??

    • Lee Keshav

      Hi Sashikant,

      In your hike address book all the hike users will have a blue icon next to their number. For SMS users the icon would be green.


      • shashikant

        thanks for the information can u pls tell me one thing more its possible that dnd user is using hike…??

        • Lee Keshav

          Your welcome :)

          If your friend is on DND then you’ll be informed on the chat screen. To opt into hike your friend just has to reply once. Then you can continue messaging him.

          For any help feel free to email us at or go through the FAQs from inside the app.