The #1 App of India

Yesterday we hit #1 on Android and iOS app stores and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve displaced tons of other popular apps, including the world’s biggest messaging apps – WhatsApp, social networks – Facebook and games – Candy Crush Saga. We’re now the fastest growing mobile app in India amongst the entire lot, adding more than 300k hikers every day.

We built hike with India in mind and we’re so glad to see so many of you moving onto hike, India’s own messaging app and bringing your friends on board. Don’t stop there, we need more. Much more. It’s a long road ahead. Keep hiking. :)

  • trbvm

    Very good application, I installed for me here in Brazil. The problem is thatWhatsapp is very popular and people hardly change to another service if other people don’t use it. Maybe if there was a version in Portuguese.
    One thing I noticed is that the HIKE uses more memory that Whatsapp on my phone, 22 MB against 13 MB that can make a difference in usability in some devices.