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“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.”

-Robert H. Schuller

It’s been a tough week. The entire team at hike has been working day and night to ensure that we bring the best in messaging to the world.

Over the last week, we unearthed what we believed to be a critical issue on our back-end. We noticed a reconnection issue with the app. Once you load the app from a sleep state, the time taken to load message would go up severely at times. We’ve seen delays of up to 30 seconds! We were certain it was a server side issue, but we quickly realised we were wrong and it is indeed an issue with the iOS app.

We have had to a take a very, very hard decision and it really saddens us to tell you that we won’t be going live in Germany tomorrow.

Its clear that Germany is miles ahead in the #gethike leaderboard and we were extremely enthusiastic to exclusively launch hike in Germany tomorrow! As much as we would want hike to be available, we’re sad to say that won’t happen tomorrow.

User Experience is of the utmost importance to us and we hope you’ll understand that we’re trying our best to get you a beautiful, super fast messaging app that is reliable and secure.

We’re extremely bummed out. We’ve just submitted an update with a critical fix (see above). The app will be in review and unfortunately that takes about 8-10 business days to get back on the App Store. Given hike’s social nature, we feel its best that the Android app is launched in sync with the iOS app as well.

We’re a small team and we’re humbled by the fantastic response - #gethikeIt’s phenomenal and we really didn’t expect it.

As a result, we are also holding off launching in countries other than the 14 we have already announced until the update is available on the App Store. I’m sure you have a lot questions and I’d love to hear from you personally at

Our team will also be available in full swing to answer any queries you may have at:

We realise we built up expectations and we feel absolutely terrible to put you through this. We will do our best to bring the apps out to you at the earliest.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

- Kavin Bharti Mittal (Creator @hikeapp)

I build stuff. Creator @hikeapp. Lead Product @bsbupdates
  • IcySparklyStar

    I totally understand the fact that it is beyond your control to launch it since app is up for review which takes significant amount of time
    No offense I mean the app look fantastic but the thing which I do not understand is why put other countries behind just because Germany cannot get the app tomorrow which seems very unprofessional behavior from your side

    • Kavin Bharti Mittal

      Given, the recent server overload we made a decision to launch in a phased manner. The reason for the first phase to be those 14 countries was because there is a large India connect. Its like one big cluster of people. The hike2sms feature is proving to be extremely popular amongst this cluster.

      Given the fantastic response on the #hikeapp, Germany was all set to go live exclusively given the great response. We started getting complaints again today about some delays on the iOS and quickly found it to be a critical issue in the way the app handles pulling data.

      Given this predicament, we decided to put not only Germany but every other country on hold to.

      The last thing we want you guys you witness in such a beautiful app is really slow, unreliable messaging. What would be the point? We had to take the hard call to wait. We’re not trying to keep hike from you. Thats the last thing we want.

      We’re simply trying to protect you from a bad experience. We take full responsibility and we’re doing whatever we can to get the app back on the store.

      • IcySparklyStar

        as you said you decided to do it in a phased manner. Just after doing the first phase which were the 14 countries

        now shouldn’t there be the next phase of 5 countries as mentioned by you guys earlier?

        Or is it that you guys go back from your words on daily basis? I totally understand unfortunate delays but I really do not understand the delays caused by you guys itself as the decision of holding other countries back just because for some reason Germany would not get the app.

        But I think given the fact that you guys usually get issues of delays and overloads you guys should actually release it once it is resolved out in all. As if the app is just starting and you are already having delays and issue. From the usual trend what I have seen the companies usually try their best to release things on the time they have promised to do unless there are circumstances beyond their control. And usaully apps are made global all over at once instead of making people tweeting about it and choosing countries first on basis of the amount of twitter shoutouts you guys get which sounds more like a gamble

        If Germany was so important for the release I believe you guys should have just named Hike Germany instead of keeping it Hike

        Well my opinion simply would not make you guys change your decision but still felt like stating it
        not trying to make an argument or issue about it just putting it out there

        • Kavin Bharti Mittal

          Thanks for your prompt response. We understand the frustration and that was never our intent.

          Germany is a very important market to us and we’d love nothing more than to see our users happy and enjoying hike.

          We take every decision in the best interest of our consumers.

          Given where we are, we do feel its the correct decision. Out of care for our users, the last thing we’d want is an app in the hands of eager users only to witness a potentially bad experience.

          We’d love to get you on an early access list to give us feedback to ensure we’re not faced with such a situation again.

          Drop me a mail at and we’ll get you setup.

  • IcySparklyStar

    You guys evidently said “We’ve released 10+ countries today and will do 5 everyday. All we ask is for you guys to be a bit more patient. We’re doing the best we can.”

    But you guys certainly aren’t proving what you said ^^^^

    You guys are not doing the best you can as simply holding off other people who can get the app for the people who unfortunately cannot get the app at the moment

    Just because Germany was leading in the twitter posts doesn’t mean that they were the only ones there and you guys said 5 countries each day which includes other countries if you pay attention to other twitter posts

    As people have said countries like: Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, Austria, UK, US

    Please provide an justified answer if you can instead of something we appreciate your excitement but be patient and stuff like that which really does not answer any question

    Again no offense simply amazing app created by you with all the hard effort but guys the approach is simply terrible

    • Kavin Bharti Mittal

      Hope you saw the response above. I’ll try to address the points that I haven’t one at a time:

      1. The idea was to launch in 5 more everyday going forward. But given that we situation we’re in, we decided to to hold back. That means, we’re holding back globally not only Germany

      2. We are still live in 10+ countries. Correct. It is this phased approach that has led us to un-earth the issue that we’ve now submitted an update for

      The last thing we want you guys to witness is a gorgeous app with slow, unreliable messaging. As a result had to take the hard call to ensure that when you do get the app even though the wait is a bit longer, it’ll be worth it.

      We’re doing everything we can to get the app back up in the store at the earliest.

      • IcySparklyStar

        As you said “But given that we situation we’re in, we decided to to hold back”
        What really is the situation? I don’t see Germany not getting the app as a reason to hold back which sounds more like it from the whole post of yours.

        The server overloads and issues with the app would be evidently increase not decrease if more people start getting the app and if the issues don’t get solved.

        If you guys are holding it back you should hold it back for good which should be fixing the app itself instead of making Germany not receiving the app as an issue and I certainly believe the idea of twitter shout out should be put aside as Hike sounds like a company of professionals not amatures which would release things on basis of twitter shout outs

        • Kavin Bharti Mittal

          Icy, drop us mail. We’d love to chat with you and get you on our early access list. We’d really love to hear feedback first hand from a passionate user such as you while we work out the kinks in our service.

          • IcySparklyStar

            indeed thanks for the consideration
            I have sent a mail

  • Rouven Hurling

    It’s not like the bug in the app is just in the german version or something like that.

    and i can’t see that they said that they wouldn’t release hike in other countries as well, all they said was that germany is the leading company in the twitter call along with the message that they found a serious UI experience bug in the app.

    I can’t understand why you guys have problems with this message……

    • IcySparklyStar

      My friend I think you forgot to read this chunk of the post:

      As a result, we are also holding off launching in countries other than
      the 14 we have already announced until the update is available on the
      App Store. I’m sure you have a lot questions and I’d love to hear from
      you personally at

    • Kavin Bharti Mittal

      Fast Messaging is core to our User Experience and the last thing we’d want to give our users is a beautiful but slow and unreliable messaging app.

  • Gast

    I think you guys are doing an incredible job. Thumbs up for that and don’t be bothered from some comments here. I am totally looking forward to see hike in Germany soon! :)

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Gast,

      Thanks for the inspiration. We love it!

      Team hike is working round the clock to ensure that we deliver a brilliant experience to our users globally. We want to be out there with you guys as soon as possible.

      The action is in the app stores and we will keep you updated.

      • Lars

        it would be nice it would work in the next few Days, I hope it’s better than Whatsapp

        • Paritosh Sharma

          Hi Lars,

          Thanks for reaching out. We are waiting from the app store reviews. Though team hike is working round the clock to ensure that we deliver a brilliant user experience as we launch globally.

          We genuinely listen to user feedback and sure would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at support:

  • Sebastian

    No Galaxy Nexus Suppot! Too Bad!

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi sebastian,

      hike works fine on the Galaxy Nexus mobile device. Do write to us at if you face further issues. We sure will be happy to help!

  • Sebastian

    Why no Galaxy Nexus support? Too Bad!!

    • Kavin Bharti Mittal

      Galaxy Support is there. The Android Play store might be throwing back an error saying not compatible instead of saying not available?

  • Aleksandar Aleksic

    Hi, it has come to my attention that you have access to our photos, messages and calls. Also, with the installation of the current app we would allow your to go on with this practise?
    are these things all stated in you terms of use?

    • Kavin Bharti Mittal

      Hi Aleksandar! That isn’t true. Please have a look at and ‘Use of Information’ section.


  • Lars


    i have wrote about these Messenger on my own Android Blog. Link is at my profile. Can you tell me, if the messenger goes live in the next Days in Germany. Or there are issues with the apps and server?

    Greets from Germany

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Lars,

      Thanks for the super mention on your blog.

      We are waiting for the app stores review and will ensure that we reach out to you as soon as we are LIVE in Germany.

      Thanks for your patience :)

  • Thomas K

    i can’t waiting anymore for Germany :(

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Thanks again Thomas for your comment! We share your excitement and your emotion. With the hard work we team hike is putting in round the clock, trust us we want to be with you much more!

      We are waiting for the app store reviews and as soon as we are LIVE, will update you! In the meantime, lets get to know each other better! Please send a hi at :)

  • Vanessa Bataineh

    Icy Sparkly Star, to me it sounds like you’re not very fond of germans. I can read between the lines and it sounds to me like a child crying “why do you love him/her more than me?”. It’s not about Germany at all. Obviously they’re having issues with the delivery of messages. The messages take too long, about 30 seconds to deliver. They stopped the delivery because they want to know what the problem is! Think about them continue to start it in other countries while having issues in Germany. Maybe the application works. Maybe it’s having the same problems as in Germany. So this problem is not related to Germany at all. It can happen anywhere. And honestly it would be very risky to continue delivering to other countries while they don’t even know what exactly the problem is, since it could happento any location. Keep your head up, wipe away your tears and look forward to the release :)

    • IcySparklyStar

      idc if its about germans or any other country it just happens to be germany in this case

      & to me you sound like a angry person from german who couldnt get their hands on the app and now trying to brag that other ppl should suffer with you too and refrain from sticking your nose into other people’s business cuz those responses weren’t directed towards you

      well if they did have issues with the app they should just figure it out first instead of putting up a specific date for release. FYI they did take time off to fix the issues already when the app was first released globally. So the same thing shouldn’t happen again

      well if this problem is not related to Germany they shouldn’t specify German up in the post and put a flag of German. Unless their only target is German.

      My heads up anyways and even if I have the app or no. Thanks for your extra concern about wiping my tears away but its none of your business. But just to calm your nerves down I am already using the app :)

      & I really don’t wanna start a civil war with you so I am really not looking forward to replying to any of your further posts related to this

      Unless you really have a lot of free time to stick your nose into other people’s stuff you can respond to it and have fun blabbing about it but your opinion to me doesn’t really matter


  • nero

    Hello when does hike Start in Germany? I cant get it in the playstore:(

  • nero

    Hello when does hike Starts in Germany? i cant get it in the playstore:(

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Nero,

      Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate your excitement and share your emotion :(

      hike is waiting for the app store approval, after we re-submitted the build, owing to a bug which we knew will compromise the brilliant user experience.

      As soon as we are LIVE, we sure will inform you. hike is about conversations, lets get to know each other better. Please send a hi at :)

  • Jens Becker

    I’m afraid that you are losing customer interest for postponing the release so often :/

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Jens,

      Thanks for reaching out and for your genuine feedback. Honestly, we understand the repercussions of the delayed launch.

      We had two options with us last week, to launch hike with a known bug and deliver a less than the best user experience OR to come out to the users openly and honestly with the fact that we are delaying, because we want to deliver a stable, solid product which you love and which loves you back!

      We consciously stuck to the latter. With the hard work being put in by team hike round the clock, we are sure this wait will be worth your while.

      hike is about conversations, lets get to know each other better. Please send a hi at

  • Thomas K

    Whatsapp only makes problems! It would be the hike a very good time to be published for Germany! I would pay to hike too!

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for reaching out! Team hike surely is focused on creating a great global product with a solid user experience.

      Precisely the reason behind a UI which is clean and focused on emphasizing on conversations, without an overkill on features.

      Thanks for your inspired comment though, hike is free for life! We sure will inform you as soon as we are LIVE in your country.

  • meh

    Can you say something about the release date of the Blackberry-App?
    Do you need Beta-Users?

  • Mirko Mahlberg

    Fuck off apples reviews and app tests.

    In Google Play Store, you don’t have to wait! Push hike to Germany! Don’t wait for apple.

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Mirko,

      Thanks for reaching out and your amazing energy! Love it. hike is an inherently social application and we will be launching across platforms, such that you have your friends on hike from day 1.

      Thanks for all your support.

  • Dirk Degen

    Hey hike Team,
    when we got hike in Germany now?

  • Jan S.

    Why is the app still not available in the german Play Store? People are losing interest, maybe you shouldn’t wait for the Appstore approval by Apple….

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi jan,

      Thanks for reaching out and your love for the @hikeapp!

      We are working hard only to deliver a great experience for our users globally. Your support keeps us going all the while. You will very son be on hike!

      This Christmas is going to be special!!

      • Lars

        I hear out that Christmas is the planned release?

  • disqus_LUoj16XxkR

    Just please tell us some new things about how it’s going
    when will it be available in german google play store? you told told us it would take about 8 days so please make an update

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Disqus,

      Thanks for reaching out. We are here only because of your support, which we genuinely appreciate.

      The delay has been tougher for us, though we are coming soon to be with you. You will hear back from us in a couple of days!

  • tmb

    where is app?! i see only smalltalk and notjing happends

  • TMB

    Today that are 11 Buisiness Days that Peope wait for the App?! I think really you should more inform People when the Release will go finally out.

    I dont knoow if you notice or not but whatsapp having much troubles atm and now is the Time to bring the App in the Market.

    So any news on that Review now?!


    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi TMB,

      Thanks for reaching out again. It won’t be long before we are with you. The delay is as hard for us.

      Thanks for your support since beginning!

  • RainbowSix5

    When first started Hike on my iPhone, I had small pictures of my contacts (= pics from adress book) nearby the messages. After I closed the app and re-opened it again later, the pictures were gone and I now can only see a grey, blank box at the same place. There are only the pictures that other friends uploaded themselves. But how can I get the pictures from my adress book back instead of the grey box? I’ve already try to reset the app and reinstall, but the same as before happened.