Around the world in 20 days!

We know its taken a while for us to get hike to everyone out there and trust me thats the last thing we want.

So today we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’re going live on December 5th!

Our iOS app has finally been approved and we’re going to start going global. We’re going to stick with launching 5 countries everyday as we earlier planned. So from Dec 5th  we will be launching 5 countries everyday for the next 20 days. Our goal is to be with you in your country latest by Christmas!

Here’s how the first 8 days look like so far:

Day 1: Germany, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Denmark Belgium

Day 2: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia

Day 3: UK, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland

Day 4: France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Hungary

Day 5: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Slovakia

Day 6: Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova

Day 7: Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Albania, Greece

Day 8: Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, …

We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The entire team at hike is excited and we can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on the beautiful apps we’ve built!

I build stuff. Creator @hikeapp. Lead Product @bsbupdates
  • speedlimiter

    Great. Will there be an iPad version in the future?

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Yes, we will be optimizing @hikeapp for the iPAD!

    • Guest

      Hi @speedlimiter:disqus absolutely! We are optimizing hike for the iPAD!

  • Dean Roberts

    Where is Australia? :’(

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Dean,

      Thanks for reaching out. Around the world in 20 days and sure we will celebrate Christmas with you this time :) thanks for your patience!

  • David Hamm

    what is about tablets without 3g/sim card?
    im going to buy a nexus 10 and it would be nice if i could use hike also on this tablet.
    and can i use one hike account from to devices at the same time?

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi David,

      To use hike, you require a data enabled device/ wi-fi. We are optimizing for tablets. You can access hike on non 3G/Sim Cards tablets, by registering with a mobile number and using the tablet over wi-fi.

      Currently you can’t use hike with one account on two devices, though you’d be able to in the coming future.

    • Carsten Brüggenolte

      I am using it on my iPhone and my iPad. Great. works like a charm.

  • IcySparklyStar

    can you guys add Canada to the list?

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hey @icysparklystar:disqus good to see you back in action :)

      Canada sure is in the list and we will be with you guys very soon!

      • IcySparklyStar

        sure looking forward to it :)

  • IcySparklyStar

    Can you guys add Canada to the list?

  • Sssder

    can you guys add Canada to the list?

    • IcySparklyStar

      ^^ posted twice by mistake

    • Paritosh Sharma


      Canada already is on our list, we will celebrate Christmas with you this time around. Its around the world in 20 days:

  • Sven

    Why prolong it even further if it’s approved?

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Sven,

      Love the excitement and energy!

      Let us know when you get hike today :)

      • Sven

        Got it now, looks really good, will try it with a friend soon, but sadly the friend invite doesn’t work (redirects them to your website saying hike is still not ready) =/

        • Sven

          BTW, where do I leave feedback and improvement suggestions?

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  • tmb

    for the update guys i posted a blog post about this final release to it in germany. i wish you all the best with the app

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi tmb,

      So nice to see your comment. How are you doing? Could you send us the link to your blog? Would love to see it!

      Thanks for the kind wishes, we’d need more of it going further as we grow and build for the world!

  • Carsten Brüggenolte


  • Jens Becker

    So close now :)

    • Carsten Brüggenolte

      yes. only a couple hours.

      • Paritosh Sharma


    • Paritosh Sharma

      Jens, so good to see your comment! Yes, almost there :)

  • Carsten Brüggenolte

    Nice. Can’t wait to see it in the AppStore. Searching for it almost every 20 minutes. Check out my Webpage for a review.

    cu all on Hike! Thanks Hike-Team

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Carsten,

      Good to see your comment. Excitement at its best :)

      Thanks for the brilliant review of hike: we love it!

      See you on hike, we’re waiting!

      Thanks for your support, we would need more of it going further as we grow and build for the world!

  • Jerome Paul Esteban

    I hope this comes out in the Philippines soon!

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Jerome,

      Thanks for reaching out and sure we will be celebrating Christmas this time around with you :)

      • Jerome Paul Esteban

        I’m holding you to that! :)

        • Paritosh Sharma

          Your support always is inspiring and I can assure, we are working round the clock to get you a great user experience.

  • Shait

    stupid…im sorry to say that…why not releasing worldwide and starting with bugfixes and updates? no led support. mostly my phone is in silent mode and i cant see any incoming message cause no led support. what about the free sms worldwide? what about status? what about what about what about. you let germany wait so long and now we get it you let the rest of world wait so long. sorry but i dont see any reason why. good luck with it though. i have it on my phone now still using whatsapp though. hope for some updates very soon.

    • Paritosh Sharma

      Hi Shait,

      Thanks again for reaching out. We love your energy across our support, blog :) the feedback helps us better!

      1. LED support: your request for the feature has been noted and we will update you when its part of the future build(s)

      2. Free SMS worldwide: this is a complex one, though we are working on this. As we scale, sure will keep you updated.

      3. Status: something more exciting is on the cards :)

      Its 20 days and we are going to be around the world. The intention and approach is to deliver a solid messaging platform, with a great user experience and grow with your feedback.

      Thanks for your support always!

  • Julian

    where is the appstore link? ;) its the 5th


  • Mommerix

    Finally found in Apples AppStore! Iphone configured stuck on iPad 3G, SMS will not be delivered (thought so) and call will not received (estimated). So how can I set up Hike on an iPad?

  • Gerhard Wolf

    I only read iOS in the text above. What about Android version of HIKE here in Germany ? Is that coming today too ?

  • Olli

    Nice App, very clean. My Mission things:

    1. Send current Location
    2. Disable-Option for Smiley-Menu in the textfield (i already have the Smiley Emoji Keyboard in iOS activated)
    3. Ability to mute chat (no Notification on Message-recieve)
    4. of course a german localization :)

  • Thorsten Sie.

    Thank you Hike! I am from Germany and I love Hike!

  • Talitha Isabel

    Will I celebrate Christmas using hike here in Brazil, too? I’m anxious to have that app, I heard good comments about it.

    • Dom May

      I would love to write Talitha as soon as possible on Hike, I hope it will be Brazil’s turn on day 9 ;)