With hike we set out to make communication personal again. Its why we’re so excited to launch the next update for hike. The Android update is already available on the Google Play Store and iOS, WP7 will follow suit after the apps have been approved.


With this update, you can now discover friends in a beautiful and simple way. You can see a list of all your friends on hike and also add a select few to favorites for easy access. Once you add a friend to favorites, your friends also gets a notification asking whether he or she would like to do the same.


Now you can Nudge your friends! Nudge a great way to grab your friends attention and its super easy. Just double-tap to Nudge.

Share Location, Group Chat Mute

You can now also share your locations with friends and also mute group chats!

Chat more, share more. This is big step forward in our goal to personalize communication again. We’ve had a great time building these features for you and we hope you enjoy them as much. Get the latest update for Android.