Traffic up 700%. Servers Loaded. Apps Pulled.

We announced earlier today that we launched hike globally and the response has been  phenomenal. Our goal was to have a ‘quiet global product launch’ and we’ve seen our messaging traffic spike up 700% over the last 3 hours.

The unfortunate news is that our servers are now down and sporadically working. We’re working around the clock to get our service up and running for the eager hikers out there.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We’ll be up through the night working on getting our server back up and running at the earliest and will be posting an update every hour on @hikesupport.

We’ve also pulled the apps off the stores to ensure no hiker is faced with a poor quality of service.

To all the hikers out there, thanks for making this launch a memorable one. Now its our turn to deliver on our promise!

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: With lots of hard work from the hike team, we are now back up and running! Messaging is fast again. Try it, we kid not :) . See

I build stuff. Creator @hikeapp. Lead Product @bsbupdates
  • rahulrulez

    Congrats, keep the good work up!

  • Karan Chadha

    Wow!! So much for the “Quiet global product launch” :p

    Now that your in Ninja mood I am sure will be back to connect with all my hikers once again :)

    Big Congratulations once again! :)

  • Paritosh Sharma

    Some work team! And so much so for the ‘quiet global launch’. Proud of every hiker both in the team and our awesome users!

    We’ve only just begun, miles to go!

  • Mr R

    cool.. just make sure the apps are well tested…

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