Introducing Talk-time Rewards

We launched hike globally in Dec’12 and our growth has been phenomenal. We started off by being top of the charts in Germany and just last week we rose to the top of the charts in most Middle Eastern countries. Most of our growth has been organic. We’re now growing our messaging traffic 2x week on week. Thanks hikers, you’ve been awesome!

Today, we have a little present for our users in India. We’re introducing talk-time rewards.

Starting today, we’re going to be rewarding our users in India who’ve successfully invited their friends to hike. How does it work?

  • ₹10 free talk-time when you join hike
  • + ₹20 free talk-time for every friend you successfully invite to hike
  • Invite more friends and earn more free talk-time. Sky’s the limit :)

We’ll be rewarding our current Indian users as well who’ve successfully invited friends to hike before today.

Note: We’ll be rolling hike rewards by tonight IST. Stay tuned, and keep getting your friends on hike!

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  • Ananth Madhavan

    Love the app. It’s such a light app and doesn’t consume internal memory at all! Love the UX . Great work. I wish all the success to Hike! :)

  • Ashish Chowdhary

    Since morning I’ve received about 20 messages (10 from one person only). I fucking hate these messages and don’t want it. Pls stop doing this.

    • Mr. T

      Just “DND” (Do Not Disturb) your number. Call your carrier and ask about it.

    • kavinbm

      Are you on SMS or hike? We’d love to get to the bottom of this

  • Abhishek Dilliwal

    I am already registered to DND, and this service is still screwing me, can’t find any option to opt-out. Please provide that on your site and for God sake stop spamming

    • kavinbm

      Abhishek, you’re probably receiving invites from friends. In that case, you’ll need to ask your friends to stop sending you invites.

      • Abhishek Dilliwal

        dont u think u shud be making a opt-out function in ur site!.. wasnt expecting this.. u ppl are fetching contact list of all the users and sending sms to them.. if my number is with person whom I dont know but they have my number, that means you got rights to fetch my number from their contact list!..

        • kavinbm

          Hey Abhishek,

          hike will never automatically send an SMS to anyone. It is always user prompted which means your friends are sending you invites out of choice.

          We cannot stop your friends from sending you hike invites.

  • nitin

    hell i am not getting balance after successfully inviting friends to hike

  • swapnil melekar

    hey is this app available for symbian s60v5 devices i tried to download it from nokia store it shows me its not available for my device could u built it for symbian s60v5 devices too would love to use ur app and congrats for success