Celebrating Apple’s 50 Billionth app download milestone!

We love Apple. They brought us the iPhone and so many more things that have fundamentally changed our lives.

Apple fans across the globe are about to celebrate a phenomenal milestone. The App Store is going to hit the “50 Billionth App Download” mark very soon. That’s a big number!

The passionate Apple fans that we are, we want to join this celebration and make this the single most EPIC moment in the lucky winner’s life.

What we’re offering:

If the 50 Billionth downloaded app turns out to be hike (that’s us), then we’ll take the winner’s Apple craze to a entirely different magnitude!

The lucky winner will be gifted $100,000* worth of Apple products and accessories from hike! Yes, you read that right – $100,000. That’s equivalent to 10 iMacs, 10 Mac Book Pros, 25 iPads, 40 iPad minis, 15 iPhones, 30 iPod touches!

If you successfully invited the winner to hike, the $100,000 prize will be split between the two of you (the winner and the user who successfully invited him) equally. If the winner joined hike directly, he’ll win the whole prize.

So just start hiking and invite as many of your friends as you can to win. 

A life time supply of Apple products. Probably 10 life times to be honest. Probably every Apple product that you ever wanted.

For all you Apple fans out there, help us spread the word and make this a moment that no Apple fan will forget :)

You can download hike for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from the iOS App Store or the hike website.

*T&C Apply

“Hike Limited specifically disclaims any association with Apple Inc. in connection with this offer and this offer does not imply endorsement of this offer by Apple Inc.”

  • bhavin thaker


  • bhavin thaker


  • Ajay

    U hav to make us belive this

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    Want to grab ths oppotunity

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  • aditya

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  • mohit

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  • Saransh

    Really wht to say I am happy what you all people had made thanx to all of them for working hard to make this think…!!:)

  • Prathit

    Good….. Hike Is Competing with whats app

  • manjesh

    Nice thought from apple I think this things should work on

  • rakesh

    Awesome.. :)

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  • shlok avhad

    Interface needs some add ons !! Like last seen at 12.00 noon !! hike will be the best app if it gets the last seen addon

  • sdj

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  • sdj

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  • http://www.facebook.com/prema.chinnu Prema Chinnu

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  • Akshay

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  • face book

    So wht we do get for benefit schemes like rewards aur balance

  • Divyesh

    Cool !! Tnk I will be the winner

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    cool app to Chat with friends. it gives refreshing mood to a person

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    I love hike.but not came balance.

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    Awesme app…love the free SMS service…

    • Suman

      How to use free SMS frowm hike?

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    Lovely app:-) The best part is free sms:-) Thanks for this creativity and innovation

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    Give me more messages and free talk time

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  • ankur

    Hike should have more icons in it whic make it better than whats app

    • ejaz shaikh

      Ya ankur
      U r correct

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    People are selfish now a day

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    Free balance was better, if possible bring back that option again.

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    The free messaging to non hike users is awesome but one thing is lacking ( amount of messaging to non hike users is very less, it isn’t enough even if it refills every month. On top of that this app is awesome, would be great if they added free Balance again.. :-)

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