20M Users!

Under the scorching heat wave of New Delhi, India (its 46C out here), we’ve been up to some hot news ourselves.

At the end of Feb’ 2014, we announced 15M users going from 5M to 15M in 9 months. Today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve crossed the 20M mark. We’ve added another 5M in just 3 short months! Our growth rate has close to doubled in the last few months.

We’ve spent a ton of time looking closely at the market; what Indians need and observing how they use hike. We believe we now understand, what Indian users expect in an awesome messaging app; things no one has been able to give to them yet, and we are working towards that.

We wouldn’t have been able to nip the problems in the bud, had it not been for your feedback and reviews. Thanks a lot for them and keep them coming.

Hidden Mode

Today, we’re also excited to announce ‘Hidden Mode’ in hike. You can now hide your private chats, such that no one even knows they’re hidden, and access them only with the right password. Everyone we’ve shown it to, seems to love it.

Give it a go, it’s awesome. We won’t tell anyone 😉

In a country like India, where teenagers stay with their parents and families; where their need for privacy is constantly challenged; we believe this feature could be a boon for all our users, because some chats are for your eyes only 🙂

We’d love for you to give the new version of hike a spin – http://get.hike.in/

Also, a very big thanks to you, for being a part of our journey to 20M!