You asked, we listened. We’ve built-in 128-bit SSL Encryption into the next update for hike. The update was submitted to the App Store today and 128-bit SSL Encryption will be available on iOS and Android early next year. We’ll send out another note when the apps are available.

128-bit SSL encryption will be available only on Wi-Fi.

You will now be able to use hike on all open Wi-Fi access points (WLAN) knowing that your messages are secure.

At hike, we take privacy and security very seriously and this is a big step towards making hike a more secure and stable product loved by our users.

Note: SSL support isn’t built into the Windows Phone 7 SDK. It’s available natively in the new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) SDK. Once we port our app to use the new WP8 SDK, SSL will be available on Windows Phone to.