Calling All Yahoo India Engineers!

Calling All Yahoo India Engineers! Come, Join India’s Biggest Mobile Startup!

We just heard that Yahoo is letting go of a lot of talented engineers like you. And a lot of your friends too. It’s apparently “downsizing” its software development centre in Bangalore, and laying off all engineers in India. Well, screw that.

The way we see it, you’re no longer tied to a big corporate and have a ton of insane opportunities awaiting you. Many of them, especially at hike.

Who are we?

We’re hike messenger. We are the fastest growing startup in India, and have grown to more than 35 million users in less than 2 years. We’ve just raised a monster round of $65 million from Tiger Global and Bharti SoftBank and are scaling up quickly in both Delhi and Bangalore.

One of the biggest issues we’re facing is not being able to develop killer, awesome features in hike, fast enough. There’s a lot to do, and not enough hands to do it all. We’re creating a massive, scalable server stack to handle billions of messages flowing through it every day in real time, serving tens of millions of users. And that’s growing every day.

We have a really great shot at becoming the first mobile internet company from India to hit 100M users. And we’d love to do it with you!

Come, join us on our mission. Drop us an email at with your details and we’ll get back right away. If you’re ex-Yahoo, you’ll have a direct walk-in interview. Come with your friends. We’d love to meet all of you.

We’re hiring rockstar engineers who’ve worked in either of these areas: server, devops, mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows), web apps etc. If you eat, live and breathe code, we’ll find a role for you.

We’d like to spend this Sunday with you to discuss various possibilities (read: awesome opportunities)

Come and meet us on Sunday, Oct 12, 2014, 10 AM onwards at:

MyFortune, Bengaluru
46 Richmond Road,
Bengaluru- 560006, Karnataka

Yeah, the feast is on us :)

Email us at:

More details: Work@hike!

PS: If you pass the gruelling interviews, we’ll give you a free iPad, regardless of whether or not you join us later. You deserve it. It’s a token of appreciation from us. Even if we don’t end up working together, we’d love to know you more.

Donate for Kashmir


We’ve raised Rs. 1 crore from more than a million Indians on hike, and combined with our own contribution of Rs. 10 lac, we’ve netted a total donation of Rs. 1.1 crore.

We’re donating the whole amount to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund by demand draft.

Donate for Kashmir – #Hike4Kashmir

What’s happening in Jammu and Kashmir right now is one of the worst floods we’ve seen yet. Thousands of people are stranded and property worth crores have been destroyed. The army is trying its best in terms of rescue and relief efforts, but it’ll be at least a couple months before we see things get back to normal.

A lot of us want to help out in whatever way we can, but for most of us, there’s no easy way to contribute. We want to donate money, but a lot of us don’t have a way to do it online.

We can help with that. You can now donate money towards Kashmir flood relief using your hike rewards balance. All of you already have some free balance in your hike rewards, and you can easily donate it with just a single tap.

We’ll collect the money donated by everyone, add another Rs. 10 lacs on top of it, and donate it to initiatives such as the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

We’ve already raised a total of more than Rs. 30 lacs. And seen more than 2 lac Indians come together and donate through hike. Join in.

Just go to Hike > Rewards > Donate and do your bit to help out our fellow Indians. We’d love to see a million Indians come together and unite for this cause.

More details at Donate for Kashmir – #Hike4Kashmir 

The #1 App of India

Yesterday we hit #1 on Android and iOS app stores and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve displaced tons of other popular apps, including the world’s biggest messaging apps – WhatsApp, social networks – Facebook and games – Candy Crush Saga. We’re now the fastest growing mobile app in India amongst the entire lot, adding more than 300k hikers every day.

We built hike with India in mind and we’re so glad to see so many of you moving onto hike, India’s own messaging app and bringing your friends on board. Don’t stop there, we need more. Much more. It’s a long road ahead. Keep hiking. :)

20 Million Hikers

20M Users!

Under the scorching heat wave of New Delhi, India (its 46C out here), we’ve been up to some hot news ourselves.

At the end of Feb’ 2014, we announced 15M users going from 5M to 15M in 9 months. Today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve crossed the 20M mark. We’ve added another 5M in just 3 short months! Our growth rate has close to doubled in the last few months.

We’ve spent a ton of time looking closely at the market; what Indians need and observing how they use hike. We believe we now understand, what Indian users expect in an awesome messaging app; things no one has been able to give to them yet, and we are working towards that.

We wouldn’t have been able to nip the problems in the bud, had it not been for your feedback and reviews. Thanks a lot for them and keep them coming.

Hidden Mode

Today, we’re also excited to announce ‘Hidden Mode’ in hike. You can now hide your private chats, such that no one even knows they’re hidden, and access them only with the right password. Everyone we’ve shown it to, seems to love it.

Give it a go, it’s awesome. We won’t tell anyone ;)

In a country like India, where teenagers stay with their parents and families; where their need for privacy is constantly challenged; we believe this feature could be a boon for all our users, because some chats are for your eyes only :)

We’d love for you to give the new version of hike a spin –

Also, a very big thanks to you, for being a part of our journey to 20M!

Hike for BB10 is here

Today, we’re announcing the launch of hike for BB10! We know we’re a little late to give this news to you. But we’re hopeful you’ll give our app a spin and would explore some of the unique features we’re offering.

You can now hike from BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z3, BlackBerry Z30 and Porsche Design P9982.

Get hike for BB10 and enjoy the following features:

★ PRIVACY: With hike messenger say goodbye to stalkers! From your milk-man to your aunts to that creepy guy in college; you don’t want them to be seeing your last-seen and profile pictures, do you? Switch to hike and take charge of your privacy! Choose who sees your Last Seen time stamp and Status Updates!

★ STICKERS: Now send some amazing stickers on hike. Express yourself in a whole new way!

★ CHAT THEMES: Everyone has backgrounds. We have 2-way themes! When you change the chat theme, it changes for your friends too! Let’s add more character to messaging, shall we?

★ DOCUMENT SHARING: Now don’t run to send emails or transfer files over SD Cards. On hike, share any type of file, from Docs, PPTs, PDFs, to MP3s . Share up to a 100 MB file each! Say goodbye to emails, already!

★ HIKE OFFLINE: Unable to message friends because they’re not online? Don’t worry! Hike does the hard work to figure out if your friends are offline and then sends them your messages as an SMS, at no cost to you. When they reply, you get the message in hike!

★ FREE HIKE2SMS TO INDIA: We’ve also built in FREE hike to non-hike SMS. So if your friends aren’t on hike you can still message them. And better yet, for free! Free SMS can only be sent to India.

★ EASY FORWARDING: We’ve redesigned how you forward messages & media to your friends. It’s faster, smarter and has a whole new look! Easily select and share up to 15 files at once.

★ SHARING IS EASY: You can share photos, videos, location, contacts, walkie-talkie messages and much more on hike! Create group chats or chat one-on-one!

★ FAST, SIMPLE, PERSONAL, FREE: hike is super fast. With sent, delivered, read and typing notifications, it feels like you’re having a chat with someone in person. The app uses your 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi (when available) to message with friends and family.

★ 128-bit SSL ENCRYPTION: Messages on hike messenger are now encrypted over Wi-Fi

Download the app –


Introducing Bigger and Better Attachments

One of the biggest requests we received from our users was the ability to send any kind of files to friends on their smartphones. When we dug deeper, it was obvious. In a mobile first market like India for most people, a mobile device is a primary mode of communication and the things that most of us imagine doing on a PC, well all that is happening on a smartphone in India. This really speaks to the behaviour of the market.

So today we’re taking hike to the next level by introducing bigger and better attachments. You asked for it and now we’ve delivered. Sending files just got even more awesome.

Here’s whats new with :

  • Multiple-Select: Send up to 20 files together.
  • Big Files (100MB): Send files up to a 100MB each. Now that’s what you call big.
  • DOCs, PDFs, PPTs, MP3s: Send all kind of files including docs, MP3s, pdfs, ppts and much more!
We’ve also worked on polishing off some smaller things in the app.

1. Sent, Delivered, Read indicators:
We’ve updated the Sent, Delivered, Read indicators. We’ve now changed Sent, Delivered, Read to Tick, Double Tick, Double Tick R.

✓ = Sent, ✓✓ = Delivered, ✓✓R = Read

Why? Its simple. Symbols are scalable across languages. They also have less cognitive load on the eye and thus are easier to digest. The whole experience feels a lot faster as a result as well.

2. Forward Multiple Messages:
We’ve also added to ability to forward and delete multiple messages. Just tap and hold a message in a chat and voila!

You can download the latest version of hike for Android here –

This is the first of many awesome updates that we’re working on. Stay tuned!


Introducing Unlimited Free SMS on hike!

When we launched hike, one of our goals was to connect you with all your friends, whether or not they had a smartphone or an internet data connection. To enable this, we went beyond what any messaging app had done, and gave you free SMS to message even those who weren’t on hike (or were temporarily unavailable; as is the case in bad data network areas).

We’ve seen this feature become very popular, and unlike other apps, on hike you can chat for free with anyone, whether they own the latest iPhone with 3G or even a Nokia 3310 with, well… no internet. It’s perfect for a market like India, where more than 80% of all mobile users don’t even have a smartphone with internet.

We’ve also received a lot of feedback to increase the amount of free SMS we offered, but given that there is a cost to the free SMS and the fact that we’re a startup, we could’t make it truly unlimited. We also feared that if we made it completely unlimited, it could lead to a lot of people misusing it for spam.

So we’ve been brainstorming for the last couple months to find a way to do this right, in a way which would enable our best users to use more SMS while limiting usage by bad users and prevent them from spamming other people.

Introducing Unlimited Free SMS

Starting today, instead of giving you a fixed SMS balance every month we’re going to tie your SMS balance to the amount you chat on hike. The more you chat, the more SMS you get! It’s that simple. Sky’s the limit.

SMS on hike is now truly free, and unlimited. If you keep messaging your friends on hike, you can now potentially earn unlimited free SMS (to message those who aren’t). If you’ve been an active hiker, you will see an instant bump in your free SMS count. Cheers! We love you too. :)

In short:

  1. The more you hike, the more SMS you get. You need to keep sending and receiving messages on hike to earn Free SMS.
  2. There is no limit to the amount of free SMS you can earn :)
  3. You can still get a quick one-time bump of 50 free SMS on a successful invite
  4. As a small gift, when you join hike, you’ll get 20 free SMS to start chatting with your friends right away!
  5. Finally, your free SMS balance will expire if you’re inactive for more than 30 days.

$14M to make hike even more awesome!

We’re super excited to announce a new round of funding of $14M from BSB to further fuel the fast-paced growth we’ve seen over the last year!

We’ve gone 5M to 15M in just 9 months and over 80% of the app’s users are under the age of 25 and majority of its users are from India.

Our goal with the new round of funding is to double down on growth, further expand our team, hiring the best talent so we can topple the year we just had. We want to exit 2014 as the #1 messaging platform for the youth.

We’re building a lot of amazing stuff that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned!

hike is available globally on iOSAndroidBlackberryWPS40 and S60.

Made for the youth | By the youth

Introducing hike direct cash transfers!

Our goal has always been to connect people across boundaries; close friends, families in a simple way without any complexities or restrictions. With technology we believe we can enable people to live their lives and connect with others far easier than before. As a result, we’ve always strived to push the envelope and have tried to take messaging one-step further by doing things that no one would imagine doing. We’ve been asking ourselves a simple question – How else could we connect people better and make their everyday lives 10x simpler, better? Today, we’re going to take a massive leap in that direction.

We’re introducing hike Direct Cash Payments!

With hike direct cash payments, you can now send money to your friends on hike. The best part? It’s as simple as sending a photo. Literally speaking. Here’s how it works:

Upload cash by taking a pic!

Uploading cash online has always been a pain in the but. Given that most people in India don’t have a debit/credit card or netbanking access, we wanted to make it super simple for people to upload cash into their wallets. We spent minutes making it super easy for our users to do exactly that. You can just take a pic of your cash and upload it to your account or better yet send it to a friend. We’ll automatically detect the amount of cash and transfer it in under a micro-second. (Note: Do ensure that you don’t use the note after that. That’d be illegal).

Just start a Chat > Attach > Money.

Alternatively, just go to Rewards > Hike Cash Transfers > Add Money

For more details, check out our FAQs:

The HikeCoin Infrastructure: Private, Secure, Awesome!

To ensure that your cash remains secure and private, and that the NSA can’t snoop into your account, we’ve modeled hikecoins after bitcoins, while removing all the issues that plagued it. While it uses a similar distributed blockchain infrastructure, it has none of the problems that bitcoin has. We act as the currency exchange (we won’t go down like Mt. Gox does) and instead of mining bitcoins, to earn free hikecoins, all you need to do is use hike with your friends. Isn’t that super awesome?

We’ll be rolling it out slowly to all our users. You can check out a beta preview of hike cash transfers from your mobile phone if you have hike installed!

Give it a spin! We’d love to hear what you think!

Update: We had to close down the service because of some technology challenges due to the huge demand overloading over servers, but mainly due to the fact that it was a joke.

April Fools’!